Happy Holidays!

It’s the day before break; I cannot believe how fast this semester went! I wanted to pause before the holidays to share a gratuitous cat photograph and give you all a sneak peak of what’s coming on the blog in 2013:

1. Libraries and First Gen Students

2. My thoughts on the recent Ithaka S & R Report on Historians

3. New adventures in technology

Bunny the Cat sends her best wishes for a happy & healthy 2013

Bunny plans to sleep through the break

Bunny plans to sleep through the break

Gratuitous Cat Photo

I love our neighborhood cats.

Gratuitous Cat Photo

“Black cats audition for a part in a movie in 1961, via  LIFE’s photo archive.”

Gratuitous Cat Photo, Ice Cream Edition

Gratuitous Cat Photo, Bunny the Cat edition


Gratuitous Cat Photo, Bunny Stares at Me Edition

Gratuitous Cat Photo, Bunny Likes Spring Edition

Bunny enjoys the open windows on this fine spring day.

Gratuitous Cat Photo, I’m in a Box! Edition

Oh hey.


Gratuitous Cat Photo!

Queen of the new couch


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