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LT & Eero

I had a meeting about how to best answer reference questions about our architecture collections with some of the other reference archivists this afternoon. Our amazing (and departing colleague) created finding aids that meet the complex demands of the materials she curates with sensible elegance. She is one of the finest people I’ve ever worked with and I am really going to miss her.

Gratuitous Cat Photo, Ice Cream Edition

Ref Shift.

Proof that I at least answered SOME of the reference questions.

I answered three. Two of which were labor intensive, so I will bask in the glow of self- congratulation when I imbibe cocktails tonight.

This shift is OVER, CP out!

Institutional History


Content Farms are not your Friends.

AOL Hell: An AOL Content Slave Speaks Out

Archival Emergency!

And how is your day going, internetz?

Decontexualized Collection Find.

Gratuitous Cat Photo, Bunny the Cat edition



I’m at the Harvey Cushing Center at the Cushing-Whitney Medical Library, Yale University.


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