Look Kids, a Letter WITH INK!

Preparing for tomorrow’s Personal Librarian Tour of MSSA

Paleography is a Life Skill.


“Me, Jacqui, and Molly (and Ace, when he feels like it) are going to start a talk show about archives and fieldwork and libraries and paper-writing. It’s gonna be like The View for nerds.”

Read This?

Teaching history majors about primary sources.

RIP Elizabeth Taylor


The art: Andy Warhol, National Velvet, 1963.

The news: RIP Elizabeth Taylor.

The source: Collection of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Our new University Librarian. Swoon.

“But for Gibbons the real challenge wasn’t the technology but convincing faculty to participate. Aided by an Institute of Museum and Library Services National Leadership Grant, she studied faculty research practices and identified faculty members most likely to contribute their research. She also identified services the library could provide to make it easier for them to contribute, like digitization and metadata enhancement. Based on Gibbons’s findings, the university built two new pages for its DSpace implementation. The Researcher page is a showcase for a faculty member’s DSpace content, while Research Tools is used by faculty members to launch and edit their Researcher pages and to search DSpace and other content.”

Bridge Builder—Susan Gibbons

The View from Here

The view from the ref desk, Sterling Memorial Library, Yale University

Visualizing Information


The art: Julie Mehretu, Empirical Construction, Istanbul, 2003.

The news: “James Gleick’s History of Information,” by Geoffrey Nunberg for the New York Times. Gleick’s new book is “The Information: A History, a Theory, a Flood.”

The source: Collection of the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

This seems appropriate as I am sitting on the reference desk until 3pm.

I Found it in the Archives!

Gathering some visual materials to use in an upcoming instruction session on photography and memory that I’m teaching on Thursday. Here’s a taste. This image is from the Crawford Collection. Enjoy, nerds!

Gratuitous Cat Photo!

Queen of the new couch

I found it in the trash can!


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